Rita and Rudolf Trossen - 'EULE' Riesling Trocken 2014

Natural / Biodynamic / Organic


  • Rita and Rudolf Trossen - 'EULE' Riesling Trocken 2014
  • Rita and Rudolf Trossen - 'EULE' Riesling Trocken 2014

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  • The slate soils that cover the old vineyards of the Trossen estate have added more than an intense minerality to the wines—they've also protected the fragile rootstocks from phylloxera. 

    EULE is a deeply vinous, furiously dry Riesling made from ungrafted, 100-year-old vines in one of the most ancient Trossen vineyards. The wine was aged in large 1000l oak barrels with a 6 month wild yeast fermentation, and no SO2 is added. But none of these small details really help us understand how Rita and Rudolf managed to make such a unique expression of Riesling.

    This is almost devoid of any identifiable fruit on the nose, and it's admittedly quite shy for the first two hours, with massive waves of acidity. It only begins to open up after quite a lot of aeration, and then floral notes such as chrysanthemum fill the glass, as well as flint and exotic spices. It's extremely delicate and subtlea geek's Riesling for those who want something wholly distinctive. 

  • Annual Production: N/A
    Blend: 100% Riesling
    Terroir: Slate
    Winemaking: Fermented 6 months in large 1000l old oak barrels
    Certification: Certified Biodynamic by Ecovin
    Alcohol: 10%
    Drinking Window: 2018-2028

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  • Rita and Rudolf Trossen decided to break with modern winemaking practices in 1978, when they converted their entire estate to Biodynamics. They have been crafting wonderful Mosel Valley Rieslings ever since. In 2010, encouraged by many of their sommelier clients, they began to delve into the world of natural winemaking with their Pur’us line of wines, which have no intervention whatsoever. 

    The Trossen vineyards are full of slate, which resisted phylloxera completely, thus most of their vines are completely ungrafted and some approach 100 years old!

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