Bertin Delatte - 'Pop Sec' Vin de France Pétillant Naturel 2016

Natural / Biodynamic / Organic


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  • Pétillant naturel describes sparkling wine made by méthode ancestralethe traditional method—where winemakers leave the natural sugars from the grapes and let them ferment against the wild yeasts; the carbon dioxide produced from this then gives the wine a natural effervesence, which is sealed and captured.

    This is 100% Chenin Blanc with a minimum 1 year "sur latte". Afterwards, the bottles are disgorged manually and topped off with the same base wine during the winter months. The most recently 2016 version is considerably drier than the previous vintage we had, 2015.

    Only 36 bottles have arrived in HK, and for our online shop, we'll allocate 6 bottles.

  • Annual Production: Less than 1,000
    Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc
    Terroir: Clay and Schist soil
    Viticulture: Biodynamic
    Winemaking: Méthode ancestrale
    Disgorgement Date: December 2015
    Alcohol: 12.5%
    Drinking Window: 2018-2019

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  • Nicolas and Genevieve have a 3-hectare organic domaine near Rablay-sur-Layon. If that town’s name rings a bell it’s because together with neighbors and similarly tiny domaines GarOvin and Vins Hodgson, this Angevin crew is making some of the Loire’s most exciting wines. You may know Bertin-Delatte’s still white, L’Echalier; they make natural wines that appeal to Somms in Michelin-starred restaurants as much as the local crunchy granola types who shop at the cooperative grocery in Rablay Sur Layon.

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