Comte Abbatucci - 'Cuvée Faustine Rosé' Vieilles Vignes 2015

Biodynamic / Organic


  • Comte Abbatucci - 'Cuvée Faustine Rosé' Vieilles Vignes 2015
  • Comte Abbatucci - 'Cuvée Faustine Rosé' Vieilles Vignes 2015

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  • Hong Kong unfortunately does not have a great appetite for rosé. It's a sad and unfortunate truth, meaning that we can't stock as much of it as we want. So know that what we do keep handy is exceptional.

    We've stocked Abbatucci's 'Cuvée Faustine' rosé for three vintages now, and each time we've been impressed with the vintage variation of the wine, unlike all the manipulated, perfectly pink rosés out there from the famous Provençal estates that taste the same every year.

    Comte Abbatucci's rosé is not filtered or tampered with like many popular rosés to appear pretty. After all, it's the taste that really matters. This is 
    100% Sciaccarellu with notes of strawberries, apricots, blood oranges, and a crisp minerality. 2015 is much deeper in colour than 2014, and has .5% more alcohol. It's richer, and more concentrated, but still of course is elegant, with a hint of the ocean breeze. Don't be afraid to age it either. 

  • Annual Production: 10,000 btls per year
    Blend: 100% Sciaccarellu
    Terroir: Granite
    Winemaking: Fermented 6 months in stainless steel
    Certification: Demeter (2000)
    Alcohol: 13.5%
    Drinking Window: 2016-2019+

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  • When Jean-Charles Abbatucci makes wine, he goes all out. This is biodynamic with a capital B. There are groves of ancient olive trees, herds of sheep grazing through his vineyards, and pristine forests along his winery. All his wines are from indigenous grapes that are impossible to pronounce. But my, are they incredible.

    Abbatucci is easily the most famous name from Corsica. These wines were distributed across the United States by the great importer Kermit-Lynch, and provide a perfect marriage of French and Italian style. 

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