Domaine des Terres Dorées - Rosé d’Folie 2017



  • Domaine des Terres Dorées - Rosé d’Folie 2017
  • Domaine des Terres Dorées - Rosé d’Folie 2017
  • Domaine des Terres Dorées - Rosé d’Folie 2017

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  • We are increasingly convinced that Jean-Paul Brun can do no wrong. His wines from top to bottom, from red to white to rosé are all impeccable. 

    Real rosé is hard to find in Hong Kong. Most of it is Provençal nonsense, confectionery wine designed to be pretty pink and inoffensive. We want flavour in our rosé. We want joy, fruit, and authenticity.

    This is a direct-press wine, meaning that the colour comes from the skins and juice of crushed grapes. It's light pink and orange, and has that raspberry fruit that we love. But this isn't just fruit juice—it has an essential mineral freshness that makes this unmistakably from a legendary producer like Domaine des Terres Dorées.

  • Annual Production: N/A
    Blend: 100% Gamay
    Terroir: Granite and limestone
    Winemaking : Direct press, concrete-aged on lees with malolactic fermentation and some stirring 
    Certification: Organic
    Alcohol:  12.5%
    Drinking Window:  2018-2020

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  • Jean-Paul Brun is a tall, imposing, yet whisper-quiet man who lives in a rural, cobblestone medieval village just Northwest of Lyon, within southern Burgundy. The village, Charnay, sits dead center in the so called “Terres Dorées,” an area named after the golden calcareous stones lining its rolling hillside vineyards.

    Brun has built a devoted and passionate following for his wines by sidestepping the Beaujolais trend of producing soft, carbonic-macerated, whole-berry “Beaujolais style” reds. Instead, he pursues a Burgundian approach by ruthlessly hand sorting and destemming all fruit at harvest. His wines are often aged (and sometimes fermented) in neutral Burgundian oak barrels.

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