Jochen Beurer - Riesling 'Schilfsandstein' 2015

Biodynamic / Organic


  • Jochen Beurer - Riesling 'Schilfsandstein' 2015
  • Jochen Beurer - Riesling 'Schilfsandstein' 2015
  • Jochen Beurer - Riesling 'Schilfsandstein' 2015

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  • When we first tasted Schilfsandstein we were a little confused. Is this really Riesling?

    It was as hard as quartz, linear and unforgiving, with an aroma that was salty and cold—pretty much the definition of minerality

    We set it down for 6 months and waited, and when we tasted it again it was a revelation, a Riesling that some say wants to be a Muscadet, a Riesling that demands attention. 

    There's a sheath of yellow fruit now that has emerged to wrap around the mineral core, but at its heart it's still an enigma—alpine Riesling with a hint of the sea.

  • Annual Production: N/A
    Blend: Riesling
    Terroir: Ancient sea limestone
    Winemaking: Stainless steel
    Certification: Certified Biodynamic by Demeter and Ecovin
    Alcohol: 12%
    Drinking Window: 2017-2021

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  • Jochen Beurer does not make ordinary Riesling. It's as simple as that, but also as complicated as that. Why does his Riesling taste different? It's a matter of the terroir, as well as his personality. His estate is situated in Swabia, at the farthest southern end of Germany, where he farms on a variety of Jurassic and Triassic soils on the hills around Kernen im Remstal.

    Jochen started working in organics in 2003, and moved to biodynamics within a few years. As a former BMX champion, he has an almost crazed single-mindedness to make the most precise, terroir-focused Rieslings as possible. He doesn't separate his cuvées based on sweetness—he separates them based on soil type.

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