Rita and Rudolf Trossen - 'Pyramide PURUS' Riesling Trocken 2015

Natural / Biodynamic / Organic


  • Rita and Rudolf Trossen - 'Pyramide PURUS' Riesling Trocken 2015
  • Rita and Rudolf Trossen - 'Pyramide PURUS' Riesling Trocken 2015

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  • The PUR'US line from Trossen is a constant staple on the noma list in Copenhagen, and there's a good reason for that. Sommeliers and regular customers of the Trossen estate had loved their biodynamic Rieslings, and encouraged Rita and Rudolf to take their wines one step further. 

    In 2010 they started making some of the first natural Rieslings in Germany, with no SO2. This is generally seen as unsafe, since Riesling usually has so much residual sugar, but the Trossens are careful to keep the wines as stable as possible (hence the crown cap).

    Pyramide was one of the first wine we tried from the estate, and after that we knew we had to bring them to Hong Kong. This is Riesling like you've never had before. It comes out roaring with energy, the acidity is supercharged beyond belief, and there's just a wilderness to the wine that has to be experienced. 

  • Annual Production: N/A
    Blend: 100% Riesling
    Terroir: Slate
    Winemaking: Fermented 11 months, no filtration, no SO2
    Certification: Certified Biodynamic by Ecovin
    Alcohol: 12%
    Drinking Window: 2017-2020

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  • Rita and Rudolf Trossen decided to break with modern winemaking practices in 1978, when they converted their entire estate to Biodynamics. They have been crafting wonderful Mosel Valley Rieslings ever since. In 2010, encouraged by many of their sommelier clients, they began to delve into the world of natural winemaking with their Pur’us line of wines, which have no intervention whatsoever. 

    The Trossen vineyards are full of slate, which resisted phylloxera completely, thus most of their vines are completely ungrafted and some approach 100 years old!

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